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48 hours in Oakland

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Oakland city is dotted with some amazing tourist recreation spots. You maybe a shopaholic, a party animal, nature lover, foodie or just a tourist. There is something for everyone in this beautiful port city. Oakland city, in other words, won’t leave you disappointed. This is more so if one follows our carefully and meticulously prepared itinerary of 48 hours in Oakland city. Our thorough & complete schedule will tell you about all the must visit locals tourist spots. And also things that are worth doing and seeing at all these famous tourist spots. 

Enterance of Oakland Zoo

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org 

9 AM: Enjoy a hearty breakfast at Wendy’s

Set yourself at International Boulevard Street and enter Wendy’s fast food restaurant. Delicious burgers, wraps and salads here will simply kick start your day on the right note. Your taste buds will be satiated. It offers just the kind of breakfast that you need for all the adventure that will soon engulf you.        

Address: 3111 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94601, United States
Phone no: 1 510-533-0100         

10 AM: Oakland Zoo

If early morning you encounter some exotic wildlife creatures, then it is apt to say that your trip has started on an adventurous note. Just as we promised you that great adventure is just waiting to engulf you. Well, step inside famous Oakland zoo. It is famous not owing to its monopoly or due to the fact that it is the only zoo in Oakland. But more because it has stored within its 490-acres of land many popular as well as rare wildlife animals.

Special areas like African Veldt, African Savannah and Rain Forest here are like small miniature jungles filled with popular wildlife animals. Giraffes, Elands, Egyptian geese, Lions, Zebras, Chimpanzee, Elephants, Snacks & lots of exotic looking birds are always roaming in these miniature jungles.

Address: 9777 Golf Links Rd, Oakland, CA 94605, United States
Phone no: 1 510-632-9525
Website: http://www.oaklandzoo.org/                    

12: 15 PM: Explore the famous Chinatown

From the world of exotic animals we take you into the surreal world of Chinatown. Oakland’s famous Chinatown is quintessential Chinatown. Except for the fact that it is more Chinese than other Chinatowns found in America. A claim that you’ll certainly believe once you visit this Chinatown; as you’ll feel you’ve transcended borders and are standing in a bustling market of Beijing.

Now coming to the things are worth doing here, apart from exploring Chinese culture – of course. Street shopping of famous Chinese and Asian products and munching Chinese fast food are the two must do things here. The street shopping with all its rawness especially infuses liveliness into this market. Some of the must buy items here are: Sea food, Chinese handicrafts/art crafts, fresh fruits/vegetables and groceries.                           

1: 15 PM: Lunch at Rio California Restaurant

After soaking yourself in Chinese cultural excursion, its time to indulge in Brazilian cuisine. The next thing in our itinerary is delicious Brazilian flavored lunch at famous Rio California Restaurant. It is one of the most famous restaurants of Downtown Oakland. Do try out the famous Jerk Chicken here.   

While food is certainly great here, to add to the experience the food is served in outdoor setting that is dotted with immense lush greenery. All the due credit for all this lush greenery goes to amazing location it is set in: famous Preservation Park.

Address: 1233 Preservation park, Oakland CA, 94612 US
Phone no: 14152354746   
Website: http://www.riocalifornia.com/home.html

2:20 PM: Explore Victorian structures in Preservation Park

After you’re through with your delicious lunch at Rio California, simply start strolling around Preservation Park. You’ll come across innumerable beautiful 19th century Victorian houses. There are total 16 Victorian houses here that are lined across one after another. Their vintage look will simply entice you. Transcending you back into 19th century era. It is this surreal and unreal feeling that Preservation Park is all about. Do ensure to keep your cameras and smart phones ready. This is obviously because visuals of all the Victorian houses are absolutely worth capturing.

Address: 1233 Preservation Park Way, Oakland, CA 94612, United States
Phone no: 1 510-874-7580               

3: 30 PM: Head to Rockridge for some classy shopping

While your China town shopping was all about rawness of street shopping, your shopping experience in Rockridge neighborhood though will be absolutely different. To put it simply, it is an absolute classy shopping experience that awaits you here. The sheer abundance of international brands and high quality products all around sets Rockridge apart from most of shopping districts here. Not to mention that Rockridge is one of the desirable neighborhoods of Oakland city. Dotted with headquarters of MNCs, luxury apartments and array of fine restaurants.

Coming back specifically to shopping, then we highly recommend these stores: Christensen Heller Gallery (for jewelries), Homesteader (home decor and furniture), Hawthorn Boutique (apparels and cloths), Nathan & Co (gifts) and Down at Lulu’s (Women's Clothing, Used, Vintage & Consignment).  

4: 45 PM: Enjoy mouthwatering Pizza at Zachary's Chicago Pizza

Its time to enjoy Pizzas. Not just any other Pizza though, but immensely delicious Pizzas. This is courtesy Zachary's Chicago Pizza, the ultimate destination for Pizza lovers in Oakland city. We bet there isn't a better place for your evening snacks. Not to mention that your trip to Oakland city would have been sort of incomplete if you didn’t savor delicious pizzas in this famous fast food restaurant.

Address: 5801 College Ave
Phone no: 1 510-655-6385
Website: http://zacharys.com/

5: 30: lounging and strolling around at Lake Temescal

Not as crowded as Lake Merritt and Jack London Square, Lake Temescal is one of the beautiful hidden secrets of Oakland city. Its less crowded and that makes it one of the favorite laid back destinations of Oakland city. People come here and just lounge around for hours. Or they simply love to enjoy chilled beer around beautiful scenic view of Lake Temescal.                                                   

7 pm: Enjoy theatrical play at Woodminster Amphitheater

You might have seen quite a few plays in your life, but the one that you’ll watch in Woodminster Amphitheater will standout for one particular reason: its beautiful outdoor setting. Woodminster Amphitheater is the only outdoor theatre of Oakland city and one of the very few outdoor theatres of California. It is set in the midst of lush green world of Joaquin Miller Park. The setting is so beautiful that it even compensates for mediocre play that people sometimes end up watching here. And just in case if play turns out to be engrossing one, then it simply adds to the experience.

Address: 3300 Joaquin Miller Rd, Oakland, CA 94602, United States
Phone no: 1 510-531-9597
Website: http://www.woodminster.com/ 

9:30 PM: Spanish dinner at Duende Restaurant

By the time you’re done watching a play at Woodminster Amphitheater, you’re hunger pangs may have already started to make you restless. Well, to calm down your hunger pangs we’re taking you to Duende Restaurant for exotic Spanish dinner. While you’re Spanish dinner is going to be just as delicious as you’d expected it to be, the special communal seating arrangement here will add a different aura to your dinner experience.                        

Address: 468 19th St, Oakland, CA 94612, United States
Phone no: 1 510-893-0174   

11 PM: Night view of Lake Merritt  

We want to end the first day of your tour with the stunning view that adorns a famous part of this city every night. This famous part is Lake Merritt. All high rise buildings overlooking Lake Merritt illuminate like beautiful stars under dark sky. And when their luminous spark beautifully blends with Lake Merritt, then scene that appears in front you is simply stunning. It is kind of a dreamy view that your open eyes strive to see before finally closing it for night’s sleep.            

 A Map Guide on Oakland Day 1 Tour


Day 2: Get ready for last exciting day

Cathedral of Christ the Light

                                                      Image Courtesy: Commons.wikimedia.org

9 AM: Delicious Coffee awaits you at Awaken Cafe

We want to start the 2nd and last day of your tour from Awaken Cafe Restro Bar. Tucked in one of the bylanes of Broadway Street (15th Street), this restro bar is known for its delicious coffee and equally delicious organic breakfast menu. A distinction that has helped in making it one of the best coffee shops in Oakland and also exactly why it features in our itinerary schedule. Stepping outside this restaurant after enjoying hearty breakfast, even you’ll feel that you couldn’t have started your day in a better way.

Address: 1429 Broadway (@ 15th Street), Oakland, CA  94612                                              
Phone no: not available
Website: http://www.awakencafe.com/ 

10 AM: Just relax and lounge around beautiful Lake Merritt  

You ended your first day with stunning night view of Lake Merritt. A view that will be probably remain enshrined in your memories for years to come. On second day, however, you’ll not merely glance through beautiful Lake Merritt. This time you’ll step ahead and do something that is even more beautiful. You’ll simply relax on soft grass pastures that dot surroundings of this beautiful tidal lagoon. This early morning relaxation in a place that is as beautiful as Lake Merritt will simply sooth your senses.

10: 45 AM: Explore Oakland museum, Children’s Fairyland and Cathedral of Christ the Light

After lounging and strolling around Lake Merritt for nearly an hour, it is time to explore beautiful places around it. To be precise, there are three worth visiting places around Lake Merritt; names of which have been given above. Each of these three places offer unique things to all its visitors. While Oakland museum is an oasis of knowledge that is filled with staggering 1.9 million objects, Children’s Fairyland is a miniature Disney land that offers perfect fun time for your children. As for Cathedral of Christ, it is a cathedral church that has been constructed in splendid modern architecture style.                                                                                  

12 PM: Enjoy delicious and hearty brunch at Great Lake Kitchen

Precisely at 12 P.M enter Great Lake Kitchen Restaurant located at Grand Avenue Street. And then prepare yourself for a hearty and delicious brunch. A plate full of amazing salads, fried eggs, sandwiches and lot of other appetizing items.

Address: 576 Grand Avenue, Oakland Ca 94610
Phone no: 510-922-9582
Email ID:  info@grandlakekitchen.com

1 PM: Enjoy mouthwatering ice creams at Fentons Creamery  

Oakland’s favorite ice cream is served at Fentons Creamery. A historical ice cream parlor that has been passionately making and serving mouthwatering ice creams to people of Oakland since 1894. Its passion for serving delicious ice creams that spans across over 100 years has earned prestigious title of ‘best ice cream parlor’ of Oakland city. And we can bet that you certainly don’t want to end your Oakland tour without taking a mouthful bite of mouthwatering ice cream at this iconic ice cream parlor.                              

Address: 4226 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611, United States
Phone: 1 510-658-7000

2 PM: Odyssey with universe at Chabot Space Center

At 2 PM we’re setting you on for enthralling journey that will take you to far corners of our breathtaking universe. This astronomical journey will take place at Chabot Space and Science Center – Oakland’s most famous planetarium. Spectacular 3D images of our milky ways, galaxies, planets and stars will flash across your eyes to leave you bewildered. Something that you were least prepared for, but you’ll be certainly glad to have experience such phenomenon.

Address: 10000 Skyline Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619, United States
Phone no: 1 510-336-7300    

4: 15 PM: Explore tranquil and hidden world of Redwood Regional Park 

Just like Lake Temescal, even Redwood Regional Park is one of the hidden secrets of Oakland. Except for the fact that there is no lake here, but lush greenery in abundance – including lot of tall Redwood Trees. You can simply stroll around or can even do hiking. Whatever you choose, peace and tranquility exuded throughout this nature’s nestle will simply imbibe you.                                         

Address: 7867 Redwood Rd, Oakland, CA 94619, United States
Phone no: 1 888-327-2757  

6 PM: Fun time at famous Jack London Square        

Jack London Square is la la land of Oakland city. In other words, it is the most happening destination of Oakland. Its beautiful waterfront views cast alongside numerous restaurants and upscale retail stores entice thousands of tourists and locals every day. Not to mention numerous lakeside parties and water sports adventures add extra bit of action to this place. To put it simply, Jack London Square is the perfect place for a happening evening. Shopping, great food, amazing water front views and heart throbbing waterfront activities – we mean there is so much fun that awaits you.

Address: Embarcadero West, Oakland, CA 94607, United States
Phone no: 1 510-645-9292                                                               

8: 30 PM: Chill out at Overland Country Bar & Grill   

Tucked alongside many nightclubs at Jack Land Square is Overland Country Bar & Grill. Oakland’s most popular country bar. Its popularity is owing to the fact that it does offer truly country experience to all its visitors. Waiters clad in cowboy shoes & hat, cow girls dancing all around and not to forget country side ambiance that has so perfectly blended with the surrounding here. All in all you’ll have a pretty amazing time here.

Address: 101 Broadway at Jack London Square
Oakland, CA
Phone: 510 .419 .0594        
Website: http://www.overlandoakland.com

9: 30 PM: Italian dinner at Bellanico Restaurant    

Its time for the last part of your trip and it better be good. Well, its not just good but appeasing. This is because we’re treating you with delicious Italian dinner at celebrated Italian restaurant. Bellanico Restaurant and Wine Bar located at Park Blvd. It is there know how that makes people go gaga over all its Italian dishes. Besides, its amazing wine collection will make your evening dinner even better.

Address: Address: 4238 Park Blvd, Oakland, CA, 94602
Phone no: 510.336.1180            
Website: http://www.bellanico.net/

A Map Guide on Oakland Day 2 Tour

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